The Ultimate Plot Twist

  • Omg Mansi!!! My soul weeps for the unexpected twist you get. Worlds apart, but I feel you. Totally do. Always the best read anytime!

  • This post is just so heart touching!

    I can totally totally totally relate to every thought, every feeling and every word you wrote above!

    I have no words to express how beautifully you have worded your expressions! 🙂

    Too good!


  • Writing style really superb. Enjoyed the read.

    • Thanks so much for your appreciation. Can I please know your name? I do not like thanking my readers without using their names. So please…

  • Mrs Ashima Pradeep Malik

    I loved it knowing it was my birth family u r talking about.

    • Thanks di. It is so nice of you to read my blog and leave a comment. I love your birth family 🙂

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