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Looking for an online creative writing contest to test your literary talent? Congratulations! You’ve landed at the right place.

With OWAQ (Octopus With A Quill) in its second season, OWAQ 2.0, here is your chance to showcase what you have got. Octopuses are known for their intellect and creativity. Their eight arms are a symbol of coming together of multiple kinds of thoughts and a multi-faceted personality. We hope that settles why this contest is named this odd way.

If you have missed the chance to submit this time, do not worry. You can send the work across for the upcoming online as well as print version of the literary magazine. Or else, just as a contributor post. Check out our Guest Post Guidelines. (By the way, we’ll be back in December’16!)

Entries were called for the following categories:

Micro-fiction is the newest kid on the block. A story is told within 2-4 lines. The shorter they are, the sweeter they become.

They are also known as Nano Tales, Micro Tales, and Terribly Tiny tales.

Themes: None

Minimum no. of submissions per person: Five

Maximum no. of submissions per person: No limit

Best entries will become a part of the next edition of TWO HUNDRED, a micro-fiction anthology with full credit to the author.

Simply put, it is Short(er) Fiction, and hence, you need to tell a touching, shocking, evoking story within 500-700 words.

Dialogues are a must. Just narrative won’t cut.


  1. A coffee tale
  2. A love no different
  3. A nosh of life
  4. Guilty Pleasure

No. of submissions per person: No limit

Winning entries will become a part of the upcoming anthologies, such as Coffee Tales, with full credit to the author.

Very similar to the concept of ‘Caption the picture’ contests, you’ll be provided a picture to weave a story around.

Pictures will be posted on the Facebook page of A Nosh of Life from time to time.

So, better keep yourself updated.

Word limit: 500-700 words

No. of entries: As many as possible

P.S. If you are (or know) a photographer whose pictures are about telling stories, you are welcomed to share your captures on our Facebook page and we’ll share it with India to write a story about it.

P.P.S. The photographer gets full credit for his/her submission.

These book reviews are different from general book reviews. You have to pick a piece of literature, read it like a reader and then again like a critic. Then pen down a review combining both perspectives.

See this example.

Genre: No bar (Poetry, fiction, non-fiction)

Word limit: 500-700 words

No. of submissions per person: No limit

Since this is the first time that poetry is being made a part of this contest, there are no themes. Lines don’t need to rhyme, but it shouldn’t look like a prose broken in verses.

Genre: None

Word limit: 4 – 50 lines

No. of submissions per person: No limit

What the winners will earn

1. A certificate stating your participation or position earned.

2. Cash prizes (no coupons or vouchers, but hard, green cash!) (Open for all categories)

1st prize: 1000 INR

2nd prize: 750 INR

3rd prize: 500 INR

2 Appreciable effort prizes: 250 INR each

3. Shopping vouchers from GUILTY PLEASURE, the online store.

4. A chance to get featured in the upcoming anthologies, FOUR HUNDRED, COFFEE TALES, Some Handpicked Photo Stories, etc. with full attribution to the author.

5. Opportunity to feature their piece on ANOL with full attribution and author picture.

6. A free copy of the fully illustrated anthology, TWO HUNDRED, curated and designed by Mansi Laus Deo and Yuimi Vashum.

All the participants will receive a personal review email from the jury. This way, everybody wins.

Steps to enter the contest (next time)

Step 1: [maxbutton id=”1″] to get an update on when your entry is going live.

Step 2: [maxbutton id=”3″] so that your friends can read and share your write-ups.

Step 3: Mail your entries to anoshoflife@gmail.com in the following format:

Subject: O.W.A.Q | Category | Title

For example, you are sending entry (A Cup of Wonderment) in Flash Fiction (A Love No Different) category, then the subject would be:

O.W.A.Q | Flash Fiction – A Love No Different | A Cup of Wonderment

And if you’re sending entry (A song of despair) for Poetry category, then the subject would be:

O.W.A.Q | Poetry | A song of despair

No “Title” is required for micro-fiction. For Photo Story, attach the photograph used to develop story.

Step 4: In the email body, mention the following things in the exact same order:

Name, Age, Gender, Location, Contact number, and two lines that aptly describe “you” (Please be realistic in your description).

Attach your entry with the email in the MS Word format.

Step 5: Hit [maxbutton id=”2″] and pray!

Read This if You Don't Want to Get Disqualified

  1. You have to follow all the steps mentioned above. Skipping steps would mean disqualification.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement email confirming the receipt of your entry within the next 48 hours. If you poke us with emails regarding the processing of your application, consider your application rejected.
  3. Entries will only be accepted in MS Word format. Entries in any other format will be rejected with no communication.
  4. There should be only one entry in one email. Micro-fiction is an exception to this rule.
  5. The entries should be original. No copies, paraphrasing, translations or transliterations would be accepted.
  6. The entries should be properly proofread and grammatically correct. However, artistic liberties are allowed.

Facts about O.W.A.Q.

  1. No participation fee, country no bar
  2. No bar on number of entries or categories
  3. Previously published entries accepted
  4. Winners will be announced through a post on the ANOL and also intimated through personal email. Cash prizes will be transferred to the bank accounts of the respective winners within 3 weeks of the announcement of results.

The Jury and Results

  1. Mansi Laus Deo, Idea Sorceress at Janus Koncepts, Editor at ANOL
  2. Yuimi Vashum, Copywriter, Blogger at YuimiVashum.com, Budding Entrepreneur at YouthFi
  3. Saurabh Chauhan, Advertising Head at Janus Koncepts, Author and poet, Coffe Table Nightmares

Results will be announced in the 1st week of July.

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And you…rack your brains, pick up your pen and get started.

May the odds be ever in your favor! 🙂