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I’m Mansi, owner of A Nosh of Life (ANOL) and Online Blog Partner of Meraki 2k16. Professionally, I’m many things, but at heart, I’m a storyteller on a constant exploration of more stories. Hence, I’m organizing the creative writing contest, Octopus With A Quill.

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If you know that octopuses are renowned for their intellect and creativity, you’d not wonder why I chose such an odd name. I kind of have a thing for weird stuff.

Anyway, for my “Octopus With A Quill” creative writing contest, I henceforth call entries for the following categories: “Octopus With A Quill” creative writing contest, I henceforth call entries for the following categories:

1. Flash Fiction

Theme: Coffee Tales (Check out some of the examples here)

Word Limit: 500-700 words

2. Critical Book Reviews

You know book reviews. But, what I’m looking for is a critical review of a piece of literature which could be any genre of your choice, again condensing your thoughts within 500-700 words.

See one such example here.

3. Photo Story

This is not new. People organize Caption contests all the time. This time, you’ll be required to knit a story around a picture. Which picture? Find it pinned on the Facebook page of A Nosh of Life and on Meraki’s Facebook page.

Word limit: 500-700 words

What You’ll Earn

Winning entries will receive:

1. Two certificates – one from Meraki’s association and another from A Nosh of Life, stating their victory and position. (Open for all categories)

2. Cash prizes (no coupons or vouchers, but hard, green cash!) (Open for all categories)

3. Chance to get featured in the upcoming Coffee Table Book, Coffee Tales, with full attribution to the author. (Only for Flash Fiction category)

4. Opportunity to feature their piece on ANOL with full attribution and author picture. (Open for all categories)

5. A free copy of Two Hundred, an anthology by Mansi Laus Deo and Yuimi Vashum.

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Now, that you know what all the perks and prizes are, let me tell you what you need to do to participate.

How to Enter The Contest

Step 1: [maxbutton id=”1″] to get an update on when you entry is going live.

Step 2: [maxbutton id=”3″] so that your friends can read and share your write-ups.

Step 3: Send your entries at anoshoflife@gmail.com in the following format:

Subject: O.W.A.Q | Category | Title

For example, you are sending entry for Critical Book Review, then the subject would be:

O.W.A.Q | Critical Book Review | Bridget Jones – Mad About The Boy

Step 4: In the email body, mention the following things in the exact same order:

Name, Age, Gender, College, Location, Contact number, and two lines that aptly describe “you”.

Attach your entry with the email in the MS Word format.

Step 5: Hit [maxbutton id=”2″] and pray!

Also, also, also…

  1. There is no fee for participation. However, make sure you have registered your entry at Meraki 2k16. (If not, mail to meraki2k16@gmail.com)
  2. Entries closed for this time.
  3. Entries would be judged by jointly by Mansi (that’s me) and Ibanrilin Diengdoh, Editor & Content Strategist at WiseCalvin.
  4. Winners will be announced in the fest where certificates will also be distributed. Cash prizes will be transferred to the bank accounts of the respective winners in the following week.

OWAQ 2.0 (Jun’16) has returned. Check this link to register and participate.