Hello, Dear Husband…


Dear husband…

…of the woman I’m sleeping with these days.

Wondering who I am and why am I even writing you a letter? Well, you’ll have your answer in a while. But your wife…man! she chats so much, goes on and on and on. It’s so difficult to make her stop and put to sleep. She just won’t let me!! I could really use some tips here, you know…about how you made her sleep.

But you’re not gonna do that. I know.

She told me that you wouldn’t even feel jealous about her spending her nights with someone else. Looks like you have a real big heart.

But, I don’t. I really like her, and her eccentric ways — the way that she speaks of you, stories of your bitter-sweet togetherness, and how she admired her ‘little slice of heaven’ before she woke him up. Most of all, I’m beginning to fall for the dazzle that engulfs her eyes when she tells me all the dreams she dreams for you and describes how her clap would be the loudest at your award functions. I don’t like that part though, but I love the dazzle.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this letter to you is because I need your help understanding her. She is quite mysterious.

You know, she often visits me during work.

“Ssshhh….don’t speak a word and no one will have to know.”

I don’t say anything and she continues, “I’m gonna sit here, watch you work, that’s it. Is that a problem?!”  Then she smiles which at first is wicked, then seductive, and then gradually turns to a playful pursed one like a child’s. I do as I am told – no words, only work.

Mid work, I try to catch a glimpse of her, but she is already gone. Poof! Just like that! You were right. She can be really creepy. One day, she blew air in my ear!

That night I asked her what was that about and she softly replied, “I always wanted to do this to someone when that person was busy doing something they loved doing. Actually, I wanted to blow a gentle air of surprise in my husband’s ear, but he looked so infinitely beautiful, and divine, doing what he loved that even if I wanted to kiss him, I wouldn’t.”

I still didn’t have my answer so I kept looking at her, “I wouldn’t do anything, because it felt that he was more passionate about his work than about me, and it doesn’t suit a person to disturb such a passionate act of love. Does it?” I didn’t know what to make of it.

Most of what she says doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know how, but I have this weird ‘gut feeling’ that she is slowly slipping away. In fact, she taught me that word and made me believe in it with tens of examples from her own life.

Whatever, I was falling for her and if my gut feeling was right, I didn’t want her to leave this world without knowing what it feels to make love to such a rare woman. One night, I shared my intentions. She declined explaining how, for her, love is more about talking, listening and understanding. Thus, as per her theory she had been making love to me every single night!

So the issue is that I am trying to feel that love of hers and I am really confused. Baffled, actually. She talks shitloads of stuff to me, but in all those words and stories she speaks of you. I can’t seem to decide who does she really love and who is she making love to!!

And so, last night I decided to confront her about this.

Last night, before her usual arrival, I went to have a quick bath and was looking at my reflection with my reflection looked back at me. I made quirky faces. Then, I looked deep into my reflection and its eyes. And in those dark irises floating in puddles of tears I saw your wife’s face staring back at me.

More than her personality, it is mystery that now intrigues me and I would like it to be unraveled by you. Could you please help me do that?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Tonight she didn’t come. I hope you know her whereabouts.