From Actor To Editor: A Crisp Journal On How Fate Plans, And How Plans Fail

  • Be it an actor, a librarian, a painter or a desiner, I’m damn sure you might be as perfect as your are now.
    What we call, “Master of all traits!” 🙂

  • Great post! Reminds me of me. I wanted to specialize in arts/social sciences so I could be an interior designer.
    Lucky for me, I didn’t get slapped. LOL.
    My dad gave me an explanation that I still think makes sense – It is easier to switch into arts/social sciences later in life, than it is to switch into sciences if you never learned physics, chemistry, biology.
    Do you prefer a quick slap and it’s over? Or are you willing to sit and talk/listen until you’re convinced??

    • Thanks Yemisi. I would have preferred listening like adults but a slap was in my fate that day, I guess. I never again got slapped 😉

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